Feedback on our films

If you’ve been to watch one of our films recently you’ll know that we are inviting you to give us feedback on what you thought of the film by putting a small tear against a scale on a voting slip. We are very well aware that this is quite a simplistic way of gathering feedback but it does give us a simple measure of your reaction the film you’ve just watched. By publishing the results you can also see what others felt about it on the night and this appears to be a popular thing.

DateFilmAudience sizeResponse %12345Average
19/12/2022A Bunch of Amateurs676100020214.5
27/02/2023Saint Omer5290211113204.0
06/03/2023Holy Spider737502326244.3
17/4/23Lunana A Yak in the Classroom1337100117764.8