Covid-19 and us

Hi everyone

We hope you are keeping well.

You may be wondering where things are at with Buxton Film following the announcement of dates for easing lockdown in the coming weeks.

As we’ve explained previously, the venue we use is kindly hired to us by Buxton Operal House and like the many other arts venues, they cannot open until the allowable audience capacity is likely to cover the costs and overheads that such an organisation is subject to. Until they feel it is viable and practical to reopen the cinema with all of its associated costs and risks we’ll have to wait.

It is hoped that the Buxton Festival and the Buxton Fringe will be going ahead in July and so it is likely that the cinema space will not be available until after that. If there is a possibility of some screenings before the Festival take over use of the space, we will certainly be ready to do that – we’re busy previewing a number of films that will be released later in the year and we’re adding the best ones to our shortlist.

We’ll be in touch with you as soon as we have something definite to report. In the meantime, see below for the list of the films we’ve added to our lending library.

Stay healthy and hopeful!

From all of us at Buxton Film

New titles in our library

We’ve added many of the excellent films that we had planned to screen in 2019 to our DVD/Bluray library. If you haven’t borrowed from our library of around 1250 titles then you’re missing a trick! It’s very easy, just go to our website page for the full list and details.

Recent additions (titles are links to IMDB):

Found a good film to watch?

We’re all probably watching many more films online than previously. Not everyone has access to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and so on. There are a number of full feature films available for free on YouTube and some are listed here.

There are a number of (paid for) streaming services other than the well-known ones (e.g. Netflix). Here are some that I know about and most have an initial free trial period.

I do have access to Netflix but finding good films that I don’t know about isn’t that easy. It would make sense for everyone to share their best discoveries and where they found them.

Leave a comment below – Film Title, platform and anything else you’d like to say!

Coming soon…?

For details of our upcoming titles go to our diary page.