Thursday 5th July

The Graduate (15)

For our contribution to the Buxton Fringe this year and to coincide with Paul Simon’s final tour we are presenting this newly re-released classic of modern cinema. Originally released in 1967, The Graduate cemented itself as a highly influential and celebrated film. For its time it combined a groundbreaking visual style with daring subject matter.

A bored, confused and alienated 21 year-old Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) drifts from day to day in turmoil over his lack of direction and the uncertain impending future. Desperate to avoid the mundane corporate world of his affluent parents, Ben succumbs to the advances of an older woman and begins an affair with Mrs Robinson (Anne Bancroft) the wife of his father’s business partners. But what starts as a farcical fling becomes painfully complicated when Ben finds himself falling in love with her daughter. With the memorable songs by Simon and Garfunkel – a film not to be missed.

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7.30pm in Fringe Venue 51 (WMC – Lightwood Road)

Tickets £4

To reserve a seat please email us and pay on the door


Coming Soon ….

Our final screening for the season is on the 18th of June. The Buxton Festival and Fringe will be taking over the venue until the end of July, so we’ll be back in August.

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