Monday 27th September – 7.30pm

Dear Comrades! (15)

2020 | Russia | Dir. Andrei Konchalovsky | 121 minutes

Dear Comrades! was a winner at last year’s Venice International Film Festival and the Russian entry for this year’s Oscars International Feature category. The film is an account of a grim episode in post-war Soviet history. On 2nd June 1962 protesters took to the streets of Novocherkassk. They were shot at by army troops and at least 26 died. Soviet authorities attempted to cover up the truth of the massacre for decades. The story is told through the eyes of Lyudmila (Julia Vysotskaya), a loyal party member. She is left to wonder what can she rely on if not communism? Directed by veteran Andrei Konchalovsky and shot in stylish black and white Dear Comrades! poses questions about the relationships between individuals and the state that remain relevant in societies across the globe English subtitles

Film notes (paper copies available at the screening)

Tickets (£5 adults, £1 children/students) available on the door, or you can book in advance with the Buxton Opera House box office