Monday 24th September

Arcadia (12A)

This is a special film that has had little exposure but high commendations. Through rare and unseen footage, and a soundtrack by Adrian Utley (Portishead) and Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) we watch the evolving relationship the British have had with their land. Images of local celebrations and festivals to agricultural practices and many other odd things…… “Brilliantly constructed”.

Film Notes.

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7.30pm in the Pavilion Arts Centre

Tickets £5 on the door

or in advance from the Buxton Opera House box office 

Coming Soon ….

We’ve picked some stunning films for the next few weeks.

The Ciambra (15) on 1st October is a brilliantly acted film set among the Romany families living in Calabria, Italy.

A brilliantly-acted brooding drama set in North Yorkshire is Dark River (15) on 8th October and the following week we’re screening Michael Haneke’s latest – a satirical look at a troubled posh French family, with Isabelle Huppert and Toby Jones – Happy End (15) is on 15th October.

Bollywood ilms don’t usually make to Buxton but we thought this one was different enough to merit its place in our varied programme. Pad Man (12A) on 22nd October is the uplifting story of a determined young factory worker who changed his own, and the lives of poor women in India, by inventing a cheap way to manufacture sanitary pads.

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